Interesting Nursing Research Topics

In as much research material intended for accomplishment of course objectives often focuses on the integration of course content into practical environments, it is often more fulfilling whenever ones base the study on issues in the current environment. Focusing on a subject of interest may be critical to successful research, but relevance helps communicate with the tutor that you observe issues that the concepts would help address in the field of study. Therefore, it is often important that as you look for an ideal topic, and one that interests you, consider the relevance of the said concepts to the current labor market, based on information from the media or even research in your field of study. I will help you develop insight on some potential topics in nursing, that could make your writing experience informative and communicate about your efforts to apply the different concepts in modern nursing practice.

Assessment of Patient-Practitioner Relationship

This would be a diverse topic but one which you could narrow down to focus on topics such as the use of HCAHPS in the assessment of patient experience at the facility. In this case, arguing for or against the use of various assessment tools would make an ideal research study, informing the maintenance of quality healthcare in different facilities.

Nursing Staff Shortages

While this would be an interesting topic, covering issues such as a high rate of retirement would extensively provide an opportunity for different research topics involving the workplace. In this context, you could address topics such as fatigue among nurse practitioners and their consequences on individual performance. However, it would be important to note and address the staffing issues from a localized perspective, since while some regions may experience nursing shortages, others may not necessarily have the same experience.

Workplace Hazards

Nurses face different issues in the workplace, some of which relate to the equipment and biohazards they need to handle in dealing with different patients and health cases. However, it would be important that you diversify your approach, looking at cases such as dangers presented by some patients’ lack of cooperation as putting the nurses in danger. Workplace violence could result in physical incapacitation of the nurse practitioner, which in itself makes the violent cases an issue in need of attention.