How to Write an Argumentative Essay

The Perfect Argumentative Essay

The best argumentative essays use an approach that begins with the presentation of facts known to the reader, show the reader the alternative views or the reason for an opposing argument, and eventually confirm to the reader the importance of the position taken by the author in the research paper. In general, the paper would include:

  1. An introduction to the topic, based on a concept known to the reader
  2. Presentation of the author's views in the form of a thesis statement
  3. Presentation of facts to exemplify the position taken in the paper
  4. Connecting the facts to the author's original position

Once you have presented your position, it is always important to include a rebuttal section in the argumentative essay, in which you would present the reader with views alternative to the position you take in your paper, eventually explaining why such views may be insufficient to oppose your position. This section is especially important in ensuring credibility of the argumentative essay, and confirming to the audience that the writer appreciates opinions contrary to his, but has a reason for opposing such opinions. the section includes:

  1. A statement of opposition views
  2. Presentation of a personal reason for contradiction with the opposing views
  3. A highlight of the exact reason for opposition to the presented opposing views

With the rebuttal section complete, you can now draw conclusions to your argumentative essay, confirming the credibility of your stated position in the paper's thesis statement.