Easy Ways to Complete your Weekly Discussions

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and your HEA 640 and the discussion forum is now open for the next three days, waiting for your initial post, followed by two or more responses to other students. You spent the weekend with friends, catching up on some unfinished reading assignments, or even partying and drinking. What do you write as your initial discussion? You have no idea and have no access to what others have posted already until you make your post. At this point, you are lost and just about to procrastinate the discussion to tomorrow. Instead, here are points that could help you avoid such an outcome that could eventually mean a deduction in points for a late or non-submission.

Make sure you visit the portal at least once a day

You may lack time to go through everything available for the week at once, but you will always shave time to scheme through the content for at least five minutes a day.

Ensure you comment to at least one student’s post once every two weeks

This will help you keep track of whatever may be happening in the class, and could even make you feel comfortable enough and part of the class. Interest in the class ends up improving, and you will end up delivering your posts in time.

Avoid procrastination

If you get an idea that could make up part of your post in a particular week, you do not have to wait for the discussion forum to be available. Write your content in a separate document. Paste it to the discussion board when the option is available

With these easy steps, you will not only end up publishing your discussion posts in time but will also be knowledgeable enough of the content under discussion in addition to increasing your chances of passing in your course.