Digital assets and virtual currency in particular have been gaining acceptance across the world in an unmatched fashion. The need for fast,secure and cheaper transaction has been growing creating the much sought after gap for virtual currencies. Cryptography has made it possible to move assets seamlessly over unlimited distances and time spans. Moreover, with the blockchain technology advancing by the day, cryptocurrencies have become impossible to counterfeit enabling them to act as a medium of exchange. Despite the increased resistance from various governments, it is clear that crypto currencies are part of the inevitable future. Bitcoin in particular has been around for over a decade now and remains the sole most traded crypto on the crypto exchange markets. It is clear that despite the sentiments of doomsayers from across the globe, the coin has been to its lowest two figure dollar value up to its four-figure highest to finally achieve its current mature stability. It is important to understand that despite the widespread acceptance, one of the major challenges faced by the crypto markets is that it still has not achieved the world wide acceptance as a medium of exchange.